EPP packaging

MPE, a company situated in the province of Brescia, has three divisions: planning and manufacturing products in EPP, in expanded polystyrene (EPS) and for the building industry.

Active since 1996, MPE Polypropylene Division is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, and is specialized in planning, manufacturing and moulding of EPP products for various applications: automotive, interior design and logistic industries.

Why polypropylene packaging is better?

EPP is the ideal solution to create packages for various materials in the logistic industry, thanks to its following characteristics:

  • resistance and non-deformability, EPP has a high energy  absorbing property making it suitable for protection, which is one of the main functions of packaging.
  • Lightness, expanded polypropylene is very light and has a high strength-to-weight ratio. This allows to protect the product without a weight increase. The product is safe and undamaged and it is possible to optimize volumes and weights, to reduce the costs of logistic (transport, storage etc.).
  • Thermal insulation and watertightness : EPP provides a high thermal insulation and an excellent water absorbing resistance that make it ideal to protect products that are sensible to temperature changes and humidity, such as food and medicines.
  • Recyclable: expanded polypropylene is 100% recyclable, a quality that makes it particularly useful in packaging, where the wrapping is thrown in the garbage. Resistant and long-lasting, EPP packaging can be reused without a recycling process.
Expanded polypropylene is one of the most innovative materials on the market, suitable for packaging and other applications: MPE Polypropylene Division, with a factory that covers 6000 m², is one of the first companies to acknowledge it!

EPP details

EPP is a plastic material with a wide range of applications and high engineering performances. Thanks to its specific properties, it can be used in various areas to improve technical performances and the absolute value of the end product.

Resistant and non-deformable
EPP has a very high strength-to-weight ratio, with exceptional load bearing quality, reducing weight and volumes. Its high energy absorbing property makes it the ideal material to build, for instance, protection components in the automotive and logistic industry.
EPP is an ultra light material. It allows a significant weight reduction of the end product, with a substantial increase of resistance and efficiency.
Acoustic insulation
Porous EPP guarantees acoustic insulation, with excellent performances in the automotive industry.
Thermal insulation
When temperature resistance is required, EPP provides thermal insulation: food, medical supplies and temperature sensitive products. EPP thermal insulation makes it the ideal material to be used in thermohydraulics.
EPP is 100% recyclable.

EPP packaging

The use of EPP in the packaging industry offers many advantages in terms of resistance, weight and environment protection.

MPE packaging solutions can satisfy every logistic requirement, thanks to the high technological level of its working plant and to the possibility of planning and moulding packages of every form and size, which guarantee a total protection of every product during the various stages of distribution.

Lightness, due to the low density of EPP organic structure, and excellent impact resistance guarantee reliability during the various phases of foods transport.

Non-deformability allows EPP packages to be reused, with a considerable saving of distribution costs, while, as they are completely recyclable, guarantee the respect of the rules regarding environment protection.

MPE Polypropylene Division operates on the market respecting the parameters imposed to industrial production by numerous government rules in matter of environment protection and human health.

This company is devoted to research and develop innovative and efficient solutions aimed at various companies all over the world, which operate in different market and different branches.

EPP packages are particularly indicated for delicate or elaborate products, which require a high level of safety and protection, to sensibly reduce the company production costs