Moulded EPP parts for automotive industry

MPE plans and produces various components for the automotive industry. It is important to emphasize that Polypropylene Division has a specific certification for the automotive industry, according to the European rule 9001:2008, regarding development and production of EPP articles, in addition to planning and mould manufacturing.

EPP guarantees an excellent lightness-to-strength ratio, which allows to optimize volumes and weights. Thanks to its high energy absorbing property, EPP guarantees an excellent resistance to multiple impacts, a plus making EPP ideal for protection components in the automotive industry, reducing weight, fuel consumption and emissions.

These EPP parts for the automotive industry explain perfectly the multiple functions of this plastic material, with high engineering performances suitable for various applications.

Other than the automotive industry, expanded polypropylene can be used in various areas, as it allows to improve the absolute value and the technical performances of the finished product.

But it is in the automotive industry that EPP guarantees the best results, with optimized protection components and ultra light materials, which increase the product efficiency.

EPP details

EPP is a plastic material with a wide range of applications and high engineering performances. Thanks to its specific properties, it can be used in various areas to improve technical performances and the absolute value of the end product.

Resistant and non-deformable
EPP has a very high strength-to-weight ratio, with exceptional load bearing quality, reducing weight and volumes. Its high energy absorbing property makes it the ideal material to build, for instance, protection components in the automotive and logistic industry.
EPP is an ultra light material. It allows a significant weight reduction of the end product, with a substantial increase of resistance and efficiency.
Acoustic insulation
Porous EPP guarantees acoustic insulation, with excellent performances in the automotive industry.
Thermal insulation
When temperature resistance is required, EPP provides thermal insulation: food, medical supplies and temperature sensitive products. EPP thermal insulation makes it the ideal material to be used in thermohydraulics.
EPP is 100% recyclable.

EPP for automotive engineering

During the last years there has been an increase in the number of applications of expanded polypropylene in the automotive industry, to improve car safety and performances, reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Safety tests have shown the great ability of this polymer to absorb impact forces compared to traditional materials; besides its temperature resistance, its thermal and acoustic insulation properties and the possibility to be produced in every form and size, thanks to advanced moulding processes, make EPP particularly suitable for planning and producing a great number of car components.

MPE company can plan and produce for the most important car manufacturers: impact protection for bumpers, instrument panels, seats, steering wheels; parts and car accessories such as: rim covers, panels and armrests for doors, headrests, sun visors, surge tanks, acoustic silencer for engine hoods, boot linings, safety seats for children, tool boxes, spare wheel covers and much more.

Thanks to the low density of its molecular structure, EPP allows to sensibly reduce the weight of the cars, improving their performances and reducing fuel consumptions. AllĀ  these characteristics, plus EPP 100% recyclable property, give way to considerable money saving, low impact on the environment and on human health.