Moulded polypropylene

Moulded polypropylene represents an important part of MPE production. What is it? It is a material with excellent engineering performances and with multiple functions, which can be used for various applications.

Its specific characteristics, aimed to improve the absolute value and the technical performances of the finished product, make it a material that can be used in different industries. Besides, its porous version guarantees an excellent acoustic insulation.

The main characteristic of moulded polypropylene is its strength-to-weight ratio, with an excellent load bearing quality, a consequence of the optimization of volumes and weights.

A constant and innovative research towards new solutions allowed MPE Polypropylene Division to realize brand new finishes with a high tactile and aesthetic quality.

There are always opportunities for new applications, for instance in the interior design industry, where aesthetic and touch are important, thanks to the development of new surface techniques.

What is EPP?

EPP is a plastic material with a wide range of applications and high engineering performances. Thanks to its specific properties, it can be used in various areas to improve technical performances and the absolute value of the end product.

Resistant and non-deformable
EPP has a very high strength-to-weight ratio, with exceptional load bearing quality, reducing weight and volumes. Its high energy absorbing property makes it the ideal material to build, for instance, protection components in the automotive and logistic industry.
EPP is an ultra light material. It allows a significant weight reduction of the end product, with a substantial increase of resistance and efficiency.
Acoustic insulation
Porous EPP guarantees acoustic insulation, with excellent performances in the automotive industry.
Thermal insulation
When temperature resistance is required, EPP provides thermal insulation: food, medical supplies and temperature sensitive products. EPP thermal insulation makes it the ideal material to be used in thermohydraulics.
EPP is 100% recyclable.

Moulding expanded polypropylene

Expanded polypropylene is resistant and at the same time very flexible, light and easy to work.

These characteristics make it ideal to be used for various applications: for moulding various elements for the automotive industry, thanks to its energy absorbing property and multiple impact resistance, in the catering industry to build cases to transport food, thanks to its thermal insulation property.

EPP, thanks to the development of new moulding technologies and a constant research on the material,  is the object of a growing market demand, due to its use in various industries.