Polypropylene parts producers

MPE Polypropylene Division originates from a company operating since 1996 and highly qualified in planning and moulding  EPP articles.

Nowadays this company is a symbol of progress in the EPP branch, developing its use possibilities beyond the usual boundaries, thanks to constant research and development of new solutions.

Its application is directed towards different kind of industries: automotive, thermohydraulic, building, logistic, catering and interior design.

The company is also certified according to the rule UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 regarding development and production of EPP articles, from planning to mould manufacturing.

MPE Polypropylene Division is the right partner to turn to, thanks to its expertise and technical experience combined with the ability to adapt to new application demands of EPP

EPP details

EPP is a plastic material with a wide range of applications and high engineering performances. Thanks to its specific properties, it can be used in various areas to improve technical performances and the absolute value of the end product.

Resistant and non-deformable
EPP has a very high strength-to-weight ratio, with exceptional load bearing quality, reducing weight and volumes. Its high energy absorbing property makes it the ideal material to build, for instance, protection components in the automotive and logistic industry.
EPP is an ultra light material. It allows a significant weight reduction of the end product, with a substantial increase of resistance and efficiency.
Acoustic insulation
Porous EPP guarantees acoustic insulation, with excellent performances in the automotive industry.
Thermal insulation
When temperature resistance is required, EPP provides thermal insulation: food, medical supplies and temperature sensitive products. EPP thermal insulation makes it the ideal material to be used in thermohydraulics.
EPP is 100% recyclable.

MPE a Polypropylene manufacturer

MPE Polypropylene Division site is in Alfianello, near Brescia, and it offers an efficient service thanks to its use of innovative techniques in mould manufacturing.

The company covers an area of 6000 m², dedicated to developing, planning and producing expanded polypropylene.

The various MPE divisions pursue development, research and efficiency to completely satisfy customers. The Polypropylene Division observes the certified rules UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

At the moment, MPE is an innovative company at the top in planning and producing moulded expanded polypropylene (also known as EPP). This material can be used in various industries: logistic, thermohydraulic, automotive, building and interior design.

MPE Polypropylene Division has created also an experimental research laboratory, to improve and deepen  development and planning techniques to guarantee the customer maximum satisfaction, even realizing custom-made products.

This laboratory is called MPE Lab. It is a place where the team components cooperate to create new custom-made products, optimizing the already existing ones and improving the techniques of the semi-finished and finished product.

All this can be achieved through a close cooperation with the customer, who sees how his ideas take shape, thanks to MPE highly qualified staff. Polypropylene Division produces also finishes with a high aesthetic quality. For instance for the interior design industry.

This Italian company has also received ARPRO®AWARDS, a prize given in recognition of its innovation in the various applications of expanded polypropylene; Polypropylene Division reached this goal thanks to the high performance of its P-EPP (porous expanded polypropylene) moulding techniques in an area not yet explored: building industry